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Hi Dan,

That was my feeling, as well- and we’re in the middle of a website redesign, so it’s a good time for it. Thanks for your note!


Lev Earle
Special Collections Processing Archivist – RBSCP
University of Rochester River Campus Libraries
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Hi Lev,

I don't believe there's any concept of a sub-subseries distinct from a subseries in EAD or ArchivesSpace.  Nesting subseries is a very reasonable approach to large complex collections, so I'd encourage you to consider re-examining your display code, rather than changing the way you encode data.

Hope that helps!

All the best,


On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 12:25 PM Earle, Lev <learle at library.rochester.edu<mailto:learle at library.rochester.edu>> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone out there has configured their instance to make sub-subseries level designations available.

I’m currently working with some very large collection imports where sub-subseries would be useful, and know that EAD allows for I think a maximum of twelve levels (or something faintly ridiculous), but also know that the out-of-the-box AS doesn’t include a sub-subseries level designation. I know you can technically nest subseries as children under each other, but this feels like bad form and plays havoc with our display code. We could probably figure out something ourselves to hack in a sub-subseries designation, but I wanted to see what/if anyone else was doing, as we’d like to try and build consistently with other institutions to make future inter-institutional collaboration go more smoothly.

Many thanks for any help! I’m new to this listserv and have been learning a lot following conversations but still have a long ways to go.


Lev Earle
Special Collections Processing Archivist – RBSCP
University of Rochester River Campus Libraries
they/them pronouns

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