[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Loading long CSV files for accessions in ArchivesSpace

philip.webster at sheffield.ac.uk philip.webster at sheffield.ac.uk
Mon Oct 19 09:11:20 EDT 2020


One thing we have noticed when attempting to batch load accessions using CSV
import capability in ArchivesSpace is that there appears to be some sort of
limit that prevents us from loading large numbers of items.

I could think of several reasons why this may be the case.

1.	There may be a hard-coded limit on the number of rows that can be
processed in a single background process.
2.	There may be a relationship between the amount of memory allocated
to ArchivesSpace and the number of rows that can be processed.
3.	There may be a limited amount of time the background process can run


Our current workaround is to split the accessions import CSV into multiple
files and load them in sequence.

Does anyone on the mailing list know what could be causing the batch process
stop before finishing an entire CSV file?



Philip Webster 

The University of Sheffield 


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