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Thank you. We have marked them complete, but they still appear in the report. The total count of collections and the total unprocessed show the same number. I was just hoping someone else might have already figured out a more efficient way to remedy this than to enter 1000 or so event records without having any useful data to put in them. We can sort the report by the Linked Resource Title field to determine which ones have no linked resource records, but of course some of the collections with resource records are unprocessed.

Thanks for sharing your modifications to the processing status list. I know we have several partially processed as well, so I may make that one of our options.


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There is "processing status" in accession records. I don't think there is a way to update processing statuses in bulk through the user interface, but it is a good place to indicate whether an accession has been processed or not or something in between.

Processing statuses can be the default or can be edited using Controlled Value List and selecting Collection Management Processing Status
A selection of ours are as follows:

  *   Completed
  *   In progress
  *   Partially processed
  *   Unknown
  *   Unprocessed

(For the very curious: "In progress" means we're working on it. "Partially processed" means it's not completed, but we're not working on it.)


Kate Bowers
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Harvard University Archives
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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Unprocessed Accessions Report

Good afternoon,

One of our work from home data cleanup projects has been dealing with the accession records that weren't linked to resources. When we finished re-linking, we attempted to find a list of all unprocessed accessions. Unfortunately, the Unprocessed Accessions report shows all of our collections because there aren't events for each accession record noting they have been processed. Many of these were processed quite some time ago and imported from Archon, we don't have dates or really any notes to add that aren't already in the finding aid processing notes fields. I'm sure there's a really good database reason why this can't just be a check box, but I wonder if anyone has had this problem and whether you figured out an quick and easy way to create/import the events rather than adding one at a time.

Many thanks in advance for help and advice!


Linda M. Hocking, CA
Curator of Library & Archives
Litchfield Historical Society
P.O. Box 385
Litchfield, CT 06759

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