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The only thing you have to set up in ArchivesSpace is a Repository Record.  Depending on who is doing the importing, you will need to check the permissions on the User Record.  If the system administrator is doing the importing then s/he will have the appropriate permissions for importing by default.  For anyone else, make sure the user has permission to initiate import jobs and create and run a background job.  There may be other permissions the user will need, I recommend testing.

The Repository Preferences are primarily for setting up how you want to browse/search records once you have some in ArchivesSpace.  These are easily adjustable and don't need to be set up first (or at all if you prefer the default settings)

I'm not sure what you are referring to as location codes.  If you are talking about the Organization/Agency Code (i.e. the 040 code in an OCLC MARC record), this is set up in the Repository Record.

You do not need to arrange notes in any particular order when importing.  If you are using one of the CSV templates to import your data, you need to make sure you leave the columns in the order that they are in on the template.  If you are importing via EAD or MARCXML, the order of notes doesn't matter.  You can set up a default note order in your repository preferences which will rearrange the notes if you click on the button within a resource record.  Again, this is just a staff interface display preference.  Note order in record exports or the public user interface are prescribed by style-sheets that do not depend on this setting.

You only need to set up container and/or location profiles (e.g. the size of boxes and/or shelves) if you plan to use them.  You can set these up at any time so you can import data now and if you decide at a later date to use the location functionality in ArchivesSpace, for example,  you can set it up and link records at that time.

Depending on how "clean" your imported data is, you may end up creating duplicate(ish) values in the controlled vocabulary lists, e.g. Box and box.  You'll want to review your controlled vocabulary values and merge items after a big import project.


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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Help Please - System Setup Before Data Import

Good afternoon,

I am ready to start importing data into ASpace, but I know there are things I need to do to set up my ASpace instance before I hit "import."  I know I need to

  1.  Set My Repository Preferences (including controlled vocabulary lists)
  2.  Import location codes
  3.  Arrange notes per DACS order
  4.  Create top container profiles.

Are there things you wish someone had told you before import?  Other things I should set up before importing?

I'm working through the video tutorials in the Help Center, but I don't see a video titled "Setting Up ASpace Prior to Import" that would answer my questions.

Thank you all VERY much for any and all suggestions you may have!

All the best,

VivianLea Solek
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