[Archivesspace_Users_Group] How to add to dropdown, not a controlled vocabulary dropdown

Mark Cyzyk mcyzyk at jhu.edu
Tue May 12 09:20:24 EDT 2020

Dear ASpace List,

I need to add something to a dropdown and am not sure where the action 
is happening.

I can add items to Controlled Vocabulary dropdowns via the staff GUI.

I can change labels of existing items in dropdowns via /locales/en.yml.

What I am not finding is how to add a wholly new item to a dropdown that 
is not a Controlled Vocabulary dropdown.

In particular:

    New Corporate Entity

    Notes --> Note Type

    Want to add "General" to the Note Type dropdown

How to do this?  I'm not finding it in the docs.

Advice much appreciated,


Mark Cyzyk, M.A., M.L.S.
Library Applications Group
The Sheridan Libraries
The Johns Hopkins University
mcyzyk at jhu.edu

Verba volant, scripta manent.

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