[Archivesspace_Users_Group] v2.8.1 PDF Generating Error

李彦霖 li_yanlin at fudan.edu.cn
Wed Dec 16 20:33:54 EST 2020


We have just upgraded from v2.5.2 to v2.8.1. Purely motivated by the need for none-Latin characters in our finding aid PDFs. However, the PDF in SUI just won't print. We did multiple tests: with none-Latin characters and without; using exactly the same data in v2.5.2, v2.8.1, and the current sandbox...the sandbox and v2.5.2 are all printing smoothly, only our local v2.8.1 keeps failing:
"undefined method `make_tmpname' for Dir::Tmpname:Module
uri:classloader:/asutils.rb:76:in `tempfile_name'
asutils.rb line 76
 file = Dir::Tmpname.make_tmpname("#{base}_#{java.lang.System.currentTimeMillis}", nil)"
Our tech guy also told me it might be:
"Dir::Tmpname.make_tmpname (Ruby 2.5.0 and earlier)

    Dir::Tmpname.make_tmpname was removed in Ruby 2.5.0. Prior to Ruby 2.4.4 it could accept a directory path as a prefix, but as of Ruby 2.4.4, directory separators are removed."

Anyone had the same problem?


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