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Jessica Wagner Webster jessica.wagnerwebster at baruch.cuny.edu
Wed Sep 11 16:41:03 EDT 2019

Hi all,

I've been using ASpace for a long time, but only recently were we able to successfully upgrade to the 1.5x iteration and start working with top containers. When we upgraded, we used the barcoder utility as required, which generated top container numbers for our boxes; we don't have actual barcodes on our boxes. I understand that many of you might be past this phase of implementation, and maybe I'm missing some key information!

But I'm wondering now how to generate top container numbers for new cataloging- is there a way to generate these? How do I come up with top container numbers- what are they supposed to refer to, if they're supposed to be unique?

It seems like each box (or equivalent) is supposed to have its own container number and all folders (or equivalent) affiliated with that box are attached to that particular top container. However in our case, it appears that each item-level record was given its own top container number by the barcorder, regardless of the fact that they might have been in the same box? I'm not sure why this would be except as a fluke of our cataloging. If this is true, is there a way to batch edit our top containers to fix this issue?

If anyone could point me toward additional resources on implementing top containers, that would be great, too.


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