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You can add location profiles to Location records in bulk:

1.       Browse/Search for the location(s) you want to update, e.g. everything in a particular building, on a particular floor, etc.

2.       On the result screen, click to add a checkmark to the little box to the immediate left of the shelves you want to add the location profile to
[cid:image002.jpg at 01D567DE.87B75F80]

3.       Once you've added at least one checkmark, the Edit Batch button in the upper(ish) right will become available. Click on the Edit Batch button

4.       You will get a warning box that says:  Edit Records? Which asks if you're sure you want to edit multiple records.  Click on the Edit Records button to proceed or the Cancel button if you've changed your mind.

5.       You'll get a blank Location record which includes the option to add/change the Location Profile for all selected records.
[cid:image006.jpg at 01D567DE.87B75F80]

6.       Search/Select the applicable location profile from the drop down and then click on the Update Locations button

Unfortunately, there's not a way to select all the location records on a screen or that match a search/filter with a single click.  However this batch method is better than calling them up one-by-one.


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Hello all!

I am having trouble searching existing posts and finding an answer, so I apologize if the answer is in there!

I was wondering if existing location profiles can be added to shelving in bulk. I have my profiles, but don't want to call up each shelf, obviously. Is there a way to do it?

Also, I would like to print out a number...the linear feet total for the boxes I have put in. Is this possible? I'd like to tell my board, plus, I'd like the number for myself, to track progress.

Many thanks!

Jill Sweetapple

Jill Sweetapple
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American Baptist Historical Society
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