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Angela Kroeger akroeger at unomaha.edu
Wed Mar 6 13:12:30 EST 2019

Rex Hughes said, "I was able to find the Controlled Value List, but every time I choose the option to merge an added value into a core value, the added value disappears and does not appear to merge with the default. For example, I attempted to merge 'cassettes' (3 related resources) with 'Cassettes' (no resources, not used), but after selecting Merge on the 'cassettes' value and selecting 'Cassettes' as the preferred value, the added value disappeared and I am still left with the default 'Cassettes' value with no related resources (not used)."

Try reindexing your system.

I recently merged many near-duplicate controlled values in our system (also the result of imported values). When I merged the first one, I picked something with only a few records attached to each value, made note of all affected resource records, and then checked every one of them after the merge. Although the displayed number of related records did not increment to the sum of the two merged values, all resources which had previously had the value that was merged out of existence (e.g.: "cassettes" in your case) correctly displayed the new value (e.g.: "Cassettes"). However, even after a couple of days, the number of related records for that value had not updated. We asked to have our system reindexed, and after that, the related resources number and link correctly included all of the records that had the merged value.

So if you look at the three resource records that used to have "cassettes," you should find that they correctly have "Cassettes" now, even if the link to related resources doesn't include them. Once you reindex your system, the related resources value should be accurate.

Hope that helps!


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