[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Adding user-defined fields to archival object records

Natalie Adams na207 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Jul 25 11:49:54 EDT 2019

Dear Kate,

Sure-no problem. Some of the fields are coming from sources other than AtoM,

We have:-
alternate/former reference (x2)
diplomatic form (eg minute book)
script of material (eg Sanskrit)
physical condition ranking (a numerical ranking to generate standard 'outward facing' information aimed at researchers rather than AS assessment info-more structured than the AS notes about the physical characteristics etc)

I know that the AS general note maps to <odd> in EAD and this tag can serve as a good home/last resort for data you can't find a better home for. I'd still be interested in understanding the logic of user defined fields and resources/archival objects. I'm very much a newbie so apologies if I have missed something obvious about them.

Many thanks!


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It would be helpful if you can give examples of the data fields you wish to migrate.


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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Adding user-defined fields to archival object records

Good afternoon all,

This is a question about user-defined fields and archival objects. Here in Cambridge we have been working on migration -setting up crosswalks to map data from our existing systems (including AtoM) to ArchivesSpace. There are a small number of fields we have not been able to find a home for in AS and we had envisaged mapping them to user-defined fields. However, it looks as though it's not possible to add a set of user-defined fields to archival objects, though they can be added to other types of record (eg Resources). We are looking at migrating some substantial datasets into ArchivesSpace: in some cases several thousands of records will be nested beneath one parent/resource description (for example the archives of the University of Cambridge) and we want to map all our existing fields to ArchivesSpace (whether the AS records are archival objects or resource descriptions).

I would be really interested in hearing whether anyone else has faced a similar challenge and has any advice about how we might tackle this. I'd also be interested to understand more about the background to the difference between archival objects and resources.

Many thanks in advance for any help with this and best wishes,


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