[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Importing from AT to AS - File Versions left unpublished

mmcderm2 at bowdoin.edu mmcderm2 at bowdoin.edu
Fri Apr 19 11:37:20 EDT 2019

Greetings all
We are in the process of moving from Archivists Toolkit to ArchiveSpace. I've been experimenting with using the AT migration plugin and everything seems to be working fine, but...
When we export an EAD file from ArchivesSpace and convert it to an html web page, the EAD file contains limited information about the DAOs attached to a resource.
It seems that when the resources are imported from AT the digital objects are set to 'published', but the individual File Versions in the DAOs are not set to 'published' - that field seems to be null instead of 'true' or 'false'
I tried just running an SQL query to set all of those file version 'published' fields to true... and that value shows up in the staff interface, but when I export the EAD I am still getting the DAO information as if the file versions are unpublished. I need to go into each digital object individually and re-save it for the change in the file version status to take effect.
I tried the 'Publish All' option for the resource but that didn't seem to make the export function see the file versions as published.
If I check the 'include unpublished' option in the EAD export function, I get the right DAO information, but I also get a bunch of other unpublished information in the EAD that displays in odd places in the converted HTML page.

We've tried creating digital objects in ArchiveSpace and the file versions are set to published there - so this would be a one time solution to fix the resources exported from Archivists Toolkit.
Is there something I can do in the export plugin that would set this value by default?
Or is there a way I can force ArchivesSpace to batch publish the file versions? Or to notice the externally set published status?
Thank you for any thoughts on this...

Mike McDermott
Bowdoin College Library
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