[Archivesspace_Users_Group] more punctuation issues with MARC exports

Kevin Clair Kevin.Clair at du.edu
Wed Apr 17 18:12:00 EDT 2019


We’re still encountering this MARC export error in 2.5.2; since today I had circled back to trying to figure out why it was happening, I thought I’d ping the list again to see if anyone else has encountered it.

I did a little bit more testing today and it seems like we only encounter the erratic punctuation if an agent is linked more than once in a resource, and if one of the links has the role of Subject. Multiple links punctuate normally in the MARC export if their roles are Creator and Source. This continues to be the case even with all of our plugins deactivated.

Happy to submit this as a bug report if others have encountered the issue. thanks!  -k

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We’re testing 2.5.1 here at DU because it fixes some bugs our archivists have encountered, and in so doing I’ve found some strangeness with 110s and 610s in the MARC export. When we have resources where the same agent is a creator and a subject of the resource, the exporter will always append a comma to the name even if it’s a 610 and there’s no subfield E present, and will always append a period after the comma even if it’s a 110 and there is a subfield E present.

We have some MARC export customizations in our local plugins, but this error persists even if I turn the local plugins off in our configuration.

The error moves from agent to agent, e.g. if I change the creator from “Central City Opera House Association (Central City, Colo.)” to “Central City Opera Festival (Central City, Colo.),” the erratic punctuation in subfield A will move to the latter corporate name from the former.

Attached is example output (this is from our 2.5.1 instance with no active MARC customizations). I wanted to send a note to the list to see if anyone else has seen anything similar before I submit a JIRA ticket for it.

thanks!  -k
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