[Archivesspace_Users_Group] External identifiers in agents

Galligan, Patrick PGalligan at rockarch.org
Wed Apr 10 10:28:04 EDT 2019

Hey all,

We were just looking at the models in AS and noticed that the backend models for Terms, Resources, Objects, etc. supported external identifiers (even if the GUI doesn’t), and we found it kind of weird that the Agents module doesn’t.

We’d love to have the ability to link out to a DBPedia or Wikidata entry for an agent without having to add an extraneous Name Form and Source just for that information. It doesn’t feel like a good way to go about doing that. Can anyone foresee any issues with something like this? Would you be in support of this being added to the Agents model? It appears to be a fairly easy change, even if it is a database change.



Patrick Galligan
Digital Archivist
Rockefeller Archive Center
(914) 366-6386
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