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Marianne E Swierenga marianne.swierenga at wmich.edu
Wed Oct 31 10:02:56 EDT 2018

We're definitely interested about an Alma/Aspace integration here at Western Michigan University.

Marianne Swierenga

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Hi All,

At Houghton Library, part of the Harvard Library, we too are interested in ArchivesSpace/Alma integration.

In terms of functionality for resource description, we looked a bit at the Denver plug-in and like the type of data exchange it offers between the ArchivesSpace resource record and the Alma Bib and Holdings records using the MMS ID. We could also envision the exchange working the other way, starting from the Alma record and looking to ArchivesSpace for a resource record with that MMS ID (in a locally specified field), creating a resource if non-existent or updating if existent.

We would also like to think through subject and agent access points and keeping those up-to-date in both systems (using URIs), and optimally, up-to-date with the authority file (functionality that Alma currently offers).

Lastly, exchanging and maintaining container inventories and barcodes (instances in ArchivesSpace and item records in Alma) across the systems is another area of functionality we’d like to explore.

We’d like to host a conference call for interested parties. Can folks respond if they are interested in taking part? If there’s enough momentum, I’ll send around a Doodle poll with some available times.

Best wishes,
Adrien, Susan, and Vernica
Houghton Library

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Hi all,

Attached is the reference architecture and test/sample implementation architecture we developed at Rutgers.  We have not implemented this yet.


From: Chad Mills
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We are interested!  At Rutgers earlier this year we developed a reference architecture for our Special Collections.  We tested the reference architecture by creating an implementation architecture using Alma, Primo, ArchiveSpace and a generic repository framework.  In June we migrated to Alma so we will be looking to integrate ArchiveSpace with Alma in the near future using our the reference architecture as a blue print.  I’ll see if I can share that reference architecture with the group.


Chad Mills
Digital Library Architect
Rutgers University Libraries
Phone: 848.932.5924
Cell: 732.309.8538

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We us Alma as our library ILS here, so we have been looking at the possibility of integrating Alma and ArchivesSpace.  I was curious if anyone else is interested in this type of integration and if there is any work being done?


Megan M. Firestone
Archivist and Public Services Librarian
Munday Library
St. Edward's University
3001 S. Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78704

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