[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Feature request for Archivesspace

Harm Jager harmjager at ruerddevries.nl
Tue Oct 2 04:39:37 EDT 2018

Hello Users of Archivesspace,

This message is being sent to you from the Dutch and Belgium contingent of users from Archivesspace. Recently we had a get-together to discuss our use of Archivesspace and started a collaboration in the effort to create a Dutch/Flemish translation of Archivesspace.

During our meeting we came to the conclusion that all of us have a similar request when it comes to the uses of the Component Unique Identifier(CUI). In the Netherlands and Belgium (and more of Europe) the CUI is one of the most important aspects of a record-description. We are therefore seeking to have the CUI be more relevant in Archivesspace.

In an effort to get started on this we had contact with Christine Di Bella and Christine Kim  from Lyraris about how we could realize our wishes when it comes to the CUI. They were (as usual) very helpful.

We made a JIRA-ticket after our contact. This ticket explains our whishes when it comes to the CUI in Archivesspace and can be viewed at https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/ANW-780. 

We would like to ask any of you  to support this ticket. Either by voting for it or by leaving us some feedback. Feedback on both the technical side and the wording of our request is very much appreciated.. This is our first time working with a JIRA-ticket and our first time having (serious) contact with the usersgroup. We will take any help you can give us.

Thank you all for reading this and viewing the ticket. We are really looking forward to some feedback.

Greetings on behalf of the Dutch and Belgium users,

Harm Jager.
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