[Archivesspace_Users_Group] MARC import issue - reordering family/corporate creators

Kevin W. Schlottmann kws2126 at columbia.edu
Mon Oct 1 16:59:15 EDT 2018

Hi all,

We found what appears to be an import bug, and I'm curious to hear if
anyone else has encountered this before reporting it.

When importing MARC records as resources where 1) the primary creator
is in a 110 field (family or corporate name) and 2) there are
additional personal name creators in the 700 field, the agent records
are sorted such that the personal name creators from the 700 field is
listed first in the AS record.  Since the MARC exporter takes the
first creator listed in an AS record and places it in the 1XX field,
we have the incorrect primary creator listed in the resulting export
and thus in our library catalog.

Fortunately, with some light scripting, we were able to identify
records where this happened, and we then reviewed and fixed as needed
by dragging the corporate or family creator to the top of the agents
list in the AS GUI.

Ideally, I believe the importer could be tweaked such that the creator
name in the 1XX field would be given a sort preference in the newly
created resource record.


Kevin Schlottmann
Head of Archives Processing
Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Butler Library, Room 801
Columbia University
535 W. 114th St., New York, NY  10027
(212) 854-8483

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