[Archivesspace_Users_Group] customizing PDF output for PUI

Tang, Lydia ltang5 at lib.msu.edu
Fri Mar 30 15:56:49 EDT 2018

Hi Benn,
This ticket is just for fixing some of the inconsistencies between the two PDF output methods along the bullet points I mention in the ticket.  If you, or others, have other points to add, please feel free to comment it in.  These were some of the main points, but there is also opportunity for greater nitpicking.  Jason Loeffler is working on the pull request and additionally, he might welcome other help/input. 
I still think it would be great to develop a spec for how the PDF output could be customized from the staff interface. If you and others would like to pool ideas, maybe we could come up with a big idea!  Please contact me off list.  Thanks!

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