[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Table relationships in database

J.M. Duffin jmduffin at upenn.edu
Thu Jun 14 17:45:19 EDT 2018

Does anyone have or know where I can find some documentation on the
different tables and their function and, more importantly, the relationships
of the different tables (i.e. which fields are the linking fields between
tables) in the backend MySql database for ASpace?  I want to review our test
import of several thousand records from AT into ASpace to see that there are
no major problems.  From experience, I've found that reviewing the data
through an interface like Access allows me a quick and easy way to locate
anomalies as well as isolate problems.


I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions people can offer.




Jim Duffin


J.M. Duffin

Senior Archives and Office Manager

University Archives and Records Center

University of Pennsylvania

3401 Market Street, Suite 210

Philadelphia, PA 19104

T: 215.898.2002


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