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Jordon Steele jsteele at jhu.edu
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I second (third?) everybody's interest in such a feature. It would also reflect growing consensus in the archives community that one should manage creator metadata separate from collection metadata.

Looking at the specs below, I think more conversation would want to happen around the ability to edit/customize the note sourced from the general agent record note. One could argue that no copying/duplication of data would or should happen--rather, the bioghist note that's part of the agent record would be displayed on the fly. I recognize, though, that a possible downside to this is that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to customize a bioghist note derived from a generic agent record bioghist note if it made sense for the collection to do so. Granted I have not been privy to such a debate (i.e should we customize bioghist notes, what are the implications of having variants of a bioghist note for the same agent) if it has already happened. Might be a conversation that's bigger than ASpace.



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This was briefly mentioned in the SIEWG recommendations under Data Entry IIF<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1poanmnYaVfU4kUoxyMa6r0GQwA74byvZdduc7smQuYQ/edit?usp=sharing>:

F.       Copy/clone elements
2. For the Biography note field, the ability to select a biography found in one or more agent records and import into the Resource/Digital Object record.  This will provide a base text that can be tweaked to suit the collection being described.  Suggested workflow:
a.                  User opens a biography note.
b.                  Clicks on a button to import note if desired (i.e. user can still just type a note if they would rather)
c.                   Autopopulate screen uses typeahead search similar to when you link an existing agent record where you type in the heading for the record with the biography information you want to pull in.
d.                  Biography note(s) from agent record (if there is one) pops into the biography note BUT just like resource records spawned from accession records, you can edit the information any way you want without it affecting the information in the agent record.
Note:  Some users may also want the option to link a biography note to the master Agent record, which then automatically updates to all linked records.  We defer to the determination of the Agent refactoring group and/or future projects.

Because of the Agent work already in progress, we were cautious about encroaching on their turf!
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I would love to see ASpace move toward this type of an integration, so that the PUI or exports could pull biog/hist data directly from Agent records. It feels like this would be a natural extension of the Agents and Authority Integration work on the roadmap for this year. Has anyone been talking about it?


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