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Hilton, Adrien adrien_hilton at harvard.edu
Mon Dec 10 12:30:24 EST 2018

Hi All,

I wanted to follow up on the conference call regarding ArchivesSpace/Alma integration. For those who couldn’t make the call, there are notes on a Google drive within the agenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1suRAIIVArjN5LVd64FCqr2tS8e_ohGaZD3iUEEwXNSU/edit?usp=sharing

It seems like a good next step is to draft use cases. I created a series of cases that we at Houghton and Harvard would employ most often. Following that I sketched out a data mapping of MARC to ArchivesSpace  and ArchivesSpace to MARC (all record types of interest), using a DACS minimum required element set plus our local requirements. These are higher level and assume a more one to one relationship between a MARC field and an ArchivesSpace element. The mapping would have to be established in more detail at a later stage in development. Lastly, I sketched out a few samples of our current workflows and made notes of which use case we’d employ and where in the process.

In order to cast a wide net, please take a look at the document and if your needs aren't represented in the use cases, please add them! Also, if some of the use cases are of higher priority that's helpful to know as well. Let me know if you have any questions.



Use Cases for Integration between ArchivesSpace and Alma<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZOdOQ2WbSnSxmh0yIXP3vm-gJSDkuuE8AEVRZTx4v9w/edit?usp=sharing>
Integration between ArchivesSpace and Alma Use Cases 2 Data maps 3 Houghton Workflows for Archival Description in Alma and ArchivesSpace 8 Use Cases Alma to ArchivesSpace As an accessioning archivist, I want to push information from Alma bib and holdings records created upon invoicing to c...

Note on scope: the use cases only take into account ArchivesSpace to Alma and Alma to ArchivesSpace integration.

Megan, could you bring this to the integration sub-team for comment?

Many thanks,


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