[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Mismatch between index logs and Staff UI

Blake Carver blake.carver at lyrasis.org
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Try emptying the deleted_records table and force a full reindex.

truncate deleted_records;

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Bear with me because I am an indexing neophyte.

We just upgraded to AS 2.5.1 and did a complete re-index of our repository. The logs of the index show everything completing successfully, however, the staff UI shows 25 fewer digital objects than the amount the index showed. Additionally, the staff UI does not show objects that we know are there. We can go to specific linked archival objects, and digital objects are associated with them that don’t show up in the browse panel.

  *   I, [2018-11-30T17:09:51.953278 #25679]  INFO -- : Thread-2016: Staff Indexer [2018-11-30 17:09:51 -0500] Indexed 2346 records in 18 seconds
  *   However the UI shows 2321 available digital objects

Everything is published, so nothing should be hidden. Additionally, if we manually edit and then save the “missing” objects, the indexer picks them up and they show up in the browse pane. We think the system could have just messed up on these, but we want to be sure.

These are also the 25 most recent Digital Objects as far as we can tell. We haven’t seen any errors in the indexer related to this either.

Has anyone else run into anything like this before? Is it possible to re-index just the Digital Objects, or do we have to perform a complete re-index?

Patrick Galligan

Rockefeller Archive Center

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