[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Local Access Restrictions - ColdStorageBrbl vs Other

Kennedy, Nancy KennedyN at si.edu
Fri Aug 3 09:51:30 EDT 2018

Has anyone customized their list of Local Access Restrictions? Any gotchas?

I'm especially curious about anyone using the "Other" category.  In the controlled vocab list, I see that the value "ColdStorageBrbl" is translating to "5 - Other". I'd like to avoid confusion down the line - especially since our users do want to have a cold storage specific option.  Has anyone addressed this at your repository?  Are there any details to watch out for, perhaps for upgrades or current/planned reports?

I think we're OK to create new options, and suppress/merge/delete the out-of-box options. We'd need to reassign any current records using 'other', of course, since most are not cold storage.  Before we begin, I would love to know how anyone else has addressed this.  E.g.  Is suppress a better choice than deleting?  Or can I safely delete ColdStorageBrbl once and for all (once records are reassigned)?


Nancy Kennedy
Smithsonian Institution
kennedyn at si.edu

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