[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Deleting Empty Top Containers

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
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Hi, Suzanne.

Yep, that's exactly the way to do it, and exactly why the "unassociated" option was added.

Since top containers are scoped to repositories, though, if you have multiple repositories in your installation, then you'll need to perform this action within each repository.  We've assigned this cleanup task as something that our repository managers should do on a periodic basis.

We haven't decided to automate this task yet, however, which I guess gives us the opportunity to make sure that everything looks okay before activating the bulk delete option.  That said, I think that automating this on a periodic basis outside of normal business hours could be the way to go.  We had originally hoped that orphaned top containers could never be created in the staff application, but given that they can be associated with different resource, accession, and archival object records, it would be a bit tricky to do that, so orphaned, or unassociated, top containers will be created if an entire resource record is deleted, for instance.  Same thing happens right now for digital object records; the only difference there is that digital objects can also be created as stand-alone records in the staff interface, whereas you can't do that with top containers (without using the API).


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I am working in ArchivesSpace version 1.5.4. I’d like to delete all of our empty top containers through the staff interface. By empty, I mean top containers that aren’t linked to any archival objects. I believe we created containers in the archival object page and then unlinked them at some point.

In Manage Top Containers, you can choose Yes for Unassociated containers and leave all other fields blank. This gives us a very long list. Can anyone confirm that this list includes all of our empty top containers and only our empty top containers?

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