[Archivesspace_Users_Group] PUI search result question

Kevin Clair Kevin.Clair at du.edu
Fri Sep 8 16:30:38 EDT 2017


We upgraded to 2.1.1 about a week or two ago, and one of the issues our archivists noticed related to the new PUI is that collections show up very far down in the search results, relative to the staff interface. As an example, a keyword search for “peter dominick” in the staff interface returns the collection of his papers as the very first hit; at http://duarchives.coalliance.org, it doesn’t show up until page seven.

Is that something I can configure in the PUI settings in the config.rb file? For reference purposes it’s hard to have to scroll through multiple pages of results to land on the result for the collection. thanks!  -k
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