[Archivesspace_Users_Group] ArchivesSpace v2.1.1 quirks

Angela Kroeger akroeger at unomaha.edu
Thu Sep 7 15:01:09 EDT 2017

We are hosted by Lyrasis, and we recently updated to ArchivesSpace version 2.1.1. We've noticed several quirks and design issues with the new public search interface. (Here's a link to our public interface: http://unomaha-public.lyrasistechnology.org/).

If you input multiple search terms, it automatically treats them as a Boolean OR search rather than an AND search. For example, if we search for "Cummington Press" (without quotation marks), it brings up a lot of "press releases" and "press conferences" that do not include the term "Cummington" anywhere.

Relevance ranking seems off. Searching "file cabinets" (no quotation marks), the University Archives File Cabinet Collection doesn't appear until halfway down the first page of search results. Searching "file cabinet collection" (with quotation marks), it comes up as the ninth out of nine results (even after the "record group"/repository for University Archives), despite having that exact phrase in the title.

If you have one search box and hit return, it executes the search. However, if you have two or more search boxes (added with the plus sign) and hit return, it deletes the second search box. (That is, if you have four search boxes and hit return, number two is the one that disappears.) If you've added multiple search boxes, you must actually click the search button to activate the search.

Also, I have a general question regarding a longtime issue, nothing to do with the recent update. Is there some kind of global-edit feature in the staff interface that we're simply not aware of? Is there an API or plugin that could enable this? (And if so, is it available for a hosted site?) For example, we'd like to find and replace all instances of a text string with a different text string across the entire repository, regardless of what type of record or field that text string appears in.

Thank you!

Angela Kroeger
Archives and Special Collections Associate
UNO Libraries | Criss Library 107
University of Nebraska at Omaha | unomaha.edu

akroeger at unomaha.edu

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