[Archivesspace_Users_Group] locations and/or barcodes in EAD?

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
Thu Sep 7 13:58:22 EDT 2017


Barcodes are included in EAD exports, but locations are not included.

If you need to use EAD for requesting workflows, I’d probably suggest just adding the top container URI to the EAD exports via a local plugin.  That way, you could get much more than the name of a location if you ever needed more than that:  you could also get info about whether the top container is restricted, if there’s a specific local restriction type, if there’s an a specific date range associated with that restriction, if the location itself also has a barcode (since ASpace supports barcoding physical locations, not just containers), etc., etc.  Granted, you could do the same using the API with a barcode search, but having the top container URI in the EAD would mean that barcodes wouldn’t be required at all.  None of that machine-readable access restriction information is include in the EAD exports, but it could be very helpful to have when requesting with Aeon, which I only mention since you’ve said that you’re still working your way through the top-container options in ASpace.  And, even though I think that this could be accomplished most quickly with a local plugin, to me there would also be an argument for making it part of the core code (just as we include authority file URIs for agents in an exports, I don’t see why the EAD export couldn’t include URIs for containers).

Or, much more simply, if you know that your requesting requirements won’t change, and you just need to add the name of a location to the EAD, that could be done with a local plugin that adds that name somewhere to the EAD file (such as an internal-only physloc note).  I wouldn’t think that’s something that would belong in the core code, though, since others might consider that information to be sensitive, and it also hasn’t been added to the EAD export mappings.

Just my two cents,


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Hello everyone,

We've never really used the locations modules in ASpace, and are still working our way through top container functionality. Out of curiosity, are the values for a top container's location and barcode included in the EAD export for a resource record? Thinking specifically about how such data can be incorporated into our Aeon requesting workflows.


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