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Stephen Innes s.innes at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Oct 17 19:55:03 EDT 2017

A reminder to cease using ArchivesSpace today before 4 pm to allow for the upgrade to v2.2.0. I will inform you when AS is ready to use again tomorrow.


Stephen Innes

From: Stephen Innes
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Subject: ArchivesSpace upgrade to v2.2.0 Wednesday 18 October

Michael Ng of LADS will be upgrading ArchivesSpace to the latest version (2.2.0) from Wednesday 18 October 4 pm until Thursday 19 October noon (approx.) Until the upgrade is complete there will be no access to ArchivesSpace production so please do not attempt to access it. I will inform you when you can use AS again on Thursday.

There were some minor bugs in the initial versions of AS 2.0 and these have been rectified by AS – they had important implications for IDs throughout the system (such as any file ID) and the display of digital object links, so it was well worth delaying a little longer to get a workable system running which meets our needs. We have also been working on tidying up some hangovers from the migration from Archivists’ Toolkit and upgrading the Controlled Value Lists.

Following this upgrade we will do further work on the Public User Interface – I have the earlier feedback from you and there are other changes I would like to see implemented.  The PUI will only be accessible to staff at first while we test it and organise support and help resources for the wider user community. In the meantime, the feedback and development work on the PUI is available at: P:\Special Collections\ArchivesSpace\Public User Interface\pui-interface-implementation.xlsx

A big thank you to Michael Ng who has worked tirelessly to make it all happen!


Stephen Innes

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