[Archivesspace_Users_Group] ASpace for paging boxes?

Joshua D. Shaw Joshua.D.Shaw at dartmouth.edu
Wed Oct 11 14:30:11 EDT 2017

Hi Laura-

We (Dartmouth) are in the very early stages of a project which will (hopefully!) provide the ability to circulate items and to allow patrons to kick off the request process from the PUI frontend. We're planning a plugin type architecture for now that will eventually give us:

1) circulation of any object (checkout, checkin, hold)

2) allow patrons to initiate the circulation/request process, including registration. We have both internal Dartmouth people and tons of non-Dartmouth researchers, so we need a method to authenticate/register any patron.

3) allow staff to mediate the requests - either by modifying a patron request or by adding items on an ad hoc basis (since a bunch of our stuff isn't listed in any system, we'll be allowing a free text-ish field as well for those pesky items)

4) printing of pull slips - dual slips so we get one for the item and one for the shelf

5) allow staff a view of what is currently in use in the reading room and what is on hold.

6) stats! TBD, but breakdown by patron type and collection at least

There's some other bits and pieces, but I think those are the highlights.

Early days at this point, but it'd be great to hear your ideas - and those of anyone else who is interested!


PS. You can contact me (joshua.d.shaw at dartmouth.edu) or Peter Carini (peter.carini at dartmouth.edu) directly if that's helpful.

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Dear ASpace Users,

I’m curious to know if anyone is using ASpace to page boxes (check them in and out). If so, how are you doing this?

We will be using ASpace for stacks management and plan to use our ILS to check boxes in and out. Of course it would be great to only have to use one system for everything. I don’t think ASpace has paging functionality, but am curious to know if anyone has a work-around, built a plug-in, or otherwise figured out how to use ASpace for checking out boxes.

Feel free to respond to the list or contact me directly.

Thank you!

Laura Uglean Jackson
Special Collections & Archives Librarian
University of Northern Colorado Library
Laura.ugleanjackson at unco.edu<mailto:Laura.ugleanjackson at unco.edu>

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