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Hi Christine,
Ok, it seems to be inconsistent.  It seems like if I work from an existing template, even if the field is blank, just by having the Date Type field available causes the error.  Otherwise, if I create a template and suppress all date-related fields, it seems to be ok.
Also, I noticed that the columns visible button stays the same, regardless of if I switch to templates with less fields.  It seems to update when I manually select/unselect fields, but doesn’t catch the change with templates.
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    Hi Lydia,
    I'll let people more knowledgeable about the API and how to address this challenge respond to that portion, but just a quick note that dates are not required by the RDE, in versions 2.1+ or otherwise. At the collection level a date is required, but for all other levels a resource component requires only a title or a date - it can have both, of course, but doesn't have to. I just tested in my archive of ArchivesSpace versions for 2.1, and the sandbox, which is on 2.2, to verify this was the case, and found it to be true (to my relief!). 
    It would be great to see screenshot of the error you're getting if you're not able to save title-only components. Just in case it's this, I'll mention that sometimes people are using an RDE temple or have specified default values for resource components that have data in a field that another field is dependent on and that's why it's being required unexpectedly. For example, if you've entered a date type, you're going to be required to enter a date - if you get rid of the date type, you should be able to save as expected.
    ArchivesSpace does follow the DACS principle that you only need to enter description at the level for which it is appropriate, and not repeat description that can be inherited from higher levels. ArchivesSpace is very much suited to minimal processing/extensible processing, with one of its guiding design principles being that people should be able to use it to facilitate the level of details in description that works best for them at a particular point in time and iterate or build upon it as needed.
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    Hello all,
    Out of some foggy-headed data entry with RDE, I’ve realized that I will need to replace all of the date expressions for around 30 archival objects (see screen shot).  Is there some wizardry with the API I could use to batch fix this issue?  Also, it seems like the RDE in 2.1+ requires the dates, which is a requirement for DACS, but I wasn’t sure if – in cases of minimal processing – whether it is required for all levels of description?  For example, if I have a collection materials entirely from 1996, of course I was planning to use the date in the collection-level description, but repeating it for all child elements seems kind of redundant -- although, I could be wrong.  Thanks for your thoughts!
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