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Stephen Innes s.innes at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Mar 9 00:18:51 EST 2017

We are having difficulty creating index entries linking from a list of terms at the top level of the finding aid to entries at the component level. We are using AS v1.4.2.

Can someone point us to the correct format for creating the references at the item level in an Index note? I am attaching a sample of current entries for some test index terms. The EAD for this section looks like this:

<index id="aspace_ac4fdf6cd76d3c793fb22a069e02f055">
    <head>Index of Drawings</head>
      <name>Avondale Masonic Hall.</name>
      <name>Bach extension at Langs Beach </name>
      <name>Block of eight flats.</name>
      <name>Cenotaph (Auckland?)</name>
      <name>Central service and parking station</name>


Stephen Innes

Stephen Innes (ALIANZA)
Special Collections Manager
General Library, Te Herenga Mātauranga Whānui
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142
New Zealand
Telephone (649) 373-7599 ext. 88062 | Fax (649) 373-7565
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Thank you both; both of these options work for what I need!

- Kayla


Kayla Skillin

Assistant Archivist

City of Boston Archives

617.635.1195 (w)

On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 3:27 PM, Caldera, Mary <mary.caldera at yale.edu<mailto:mary.caldera at yale.edu>> wrote:
Hi, Kayla,

From the application, the easiest way might be to use the extent calculator at the resource level. The container types and numbers will be generated. Click Close instead of Create extent if you do not want to save the generated extant statement. Another way would be to use the Mange Containers functionality. It will list all the containers give you an count of all the containers, but not by type.

I attach a png showing the extent calculated window.

Mary Caldera,
Head of Arrangement and Description
Manuscripts and Archives
Yale University Library
P.O. Box 208240
New Haven, CT  06520-8240

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At the City of Boston Archives, we recently accessioned a large record group that contains mostly volumes. To make sure that we have an accurate inventory of every single volume, we were wondering if there was a report that we could run in ArchivesSpace that allows us to count these volumes? We are putting each volume in as an item and listing it as a volume in the top container instance so the data should be there, it's just a matter of extracting it.

This might already exist and I just can't figure it out, but, does anyone have any insight into this?



Kayla Skillin

Assistant Archivist

City of Boston Archives

617.635.1195<tel:(617)%20635-1195> (w)

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