[Archivesspace_Users_Group] batch update of container_profile assignments

Majewski, Steven Dennis (sdm7g) sdm7g at eservices.virginia.edu
Thu Mar 2 11:22:35 EST 2017

I haven’t used that API endpoint, but for all of the ones that can take an array of values, for example accessing resources with id_set[] param, the URL syntax is something like:


so for that endpoint, you probably want to append “?id[]=2” to the URL.

And if you’re using curl, remember to use the ‘-g’ (glob off) option so it doesn’t interpret “[]” internally.

— Steve.

On Mar 2, 2017, at 10:28 AM, Trevor Thornton <trthorn2 at ncsu.edu<mailto:trthorn2 at ncsu.edu>> wrote:

Hi everybody-

I'm trying to batch update container_profiles assigned to top_containers using the API endpoint documented here:


... and I'm having trouble passing the 'ids' parameter. The data type for this parameter is '[Integer]' (with the brackets). Everything I try results in an error complaining that the value I sent is a string and not an [Integer], eg:

"Wanted type [Integer] but got '2'"
"Wanted type [Integer] but got '[2]'"

Can anyone explain how to correctly format the parameters for this? Any insight is appreciated.

(BTW - we're using version 1.5.1.)


Trevor Thornton
Applications Developer, Digital Library Initiatives
North Carolina State University Libraries
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