[Archivesspace_Users_Group] EAD import completed but resource, subject, agent records not/half created

Cobourn, Alston Alston.Cobourn at tamucc.edu
Fri Feb 17 16:57:38 EST 2017

On February 10 I asked for advice on the problem of EAD import completing and creating Resource, Agent, and Subject records but those records then not being findable by browse or search. We subsequently discovered that we were having the same problem with Agent records created through the LCNAF plugin.

And then I discovered that when we link an Agent record to a Resource or Accession record that link is not reflected in the Linked Records section of the Agent record. It is however reflected in the Agents section of the linked Accession or Resource record, and if we update the Agent record, that change is reflected in the linked Accession or Resource record.

It was suggested to me by someone on list that we try restarting our ArchivesSpace instance.  Our IT has now done that and the problems described above persist. Has anyone else experienced any of the above problems?  We are on 1.4.2.  Could this somehow be related to Solr?

Thanks much,

Alston Cobourn


Dear all,

Yesterday I tested out EAD import into the AS 1.4.2 test repository of the production instance at the university to which I have recently moved.  I uploaded an EAD XML file that I had generated from the 1.5.2 AS repository at my last job.  The import says it completed successfully and the import log below seems to support that.  All the subjects and agents in the EAD are listed below the log in the New & Modified Records section, and if you click them they do link to newly created Agent and Subject records that say they are linked to no resources.

However, if I browse Agents and Subjects none of the newly created Agents and Subjects are listed.  If I search for the newly created Agents and Subjects they are not findable.  So I have some evidence that says they were created and other evidence that says they weren't.  The resource record I intended to create is also not findable via search or browsing, so it would appear that it was not created, which I don't understand since the background job says completed.

I thought originally that perhaps this was an indexing issue, so I waited overnight but have the same results this morning.  Also, I am able to manually add subjects, agents, and resource records in AS and have them appear via search and browse immediately afterwards.

Does anyone have thoughts as to what could be going on?

1. STARTED: Reading JSON records
1. DONE: Reading JSON records
2. STARTED: Validating records and checking links
2. DONE: Validating records and checking links
3. STARTED: Evaluating record relationships
3. DONE: Evaluating record relationships
4. STARTED: Saving records: cycle 1
Created: /agents/corporate_entities/import_7e59a12f-b7de-4fb1-9527-c2560077d28a
Created: /subjects/import_4430d7be-8431-4758-9d1b-72cb8a16e982
Created: /subjects/import_f9dad788-a3a5-4b90-be77-20b661d9e3b8
Created: /subjects/import_a2c7311f-fd06-42ca-afcb-7c31b98c6442
Created: /agents/corporate_entities/import_c12b78d0-3bf4-4a66-9d13-c67de471fa44
Created: /repositories/import/resources/import_ef64de18-8bf5-4d50-ad06-8ebabda82e52
4. DONE: Saving records: cycle 1
5. STARTED: Cleaning up
5. DONE: Cleaning up

Alston Cobourn
Processing and Digital Assets Archivist
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
alston.cobourn at tamucc.edu

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