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Gilberto Miralla-Flores gmiralla at kennesaw.edu
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I wouldn't say it's being used in tandem, more like in parallel. AT is used for a type of internal-use-only information, while the Archon instance is public-facing. 

I share your hunch that it'll end up being two separate repositories. I won't know for sure until I get a chance to try it within the next few weeks, at which point I can report back the result. I was hoping to get someone's experience from here to prepare for what's ahead. 

-G.J. Miralla-Flores 

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Hi G.J, 

This doesn’t answer your question…but I’m curious how you use AT and Archon in tandem? What purpose does each serve? 

I’m not totally clear on what would happen if you used the migration tools for each system to migrate data into a single AS install. My hunch is that you might end up with multiple repositories in your AS instance, one for the AT data and one for the Archon data. 

I’m curious if others have any experience with this problem… 


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Has anyone migrated both Archon and Archiver's Toolkit data (using the migration tools) into a single ArchivesSpace installation? We use both Archon and AT and are wondering if there are any challenges we would face if we were to attempt to migrate the two into a single AS install in order to have a central space for the two different purposes that they currently serve. 

Any input is greatly appreciated. 


-G.J. Miralla-Flores 

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