[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Nuanced JAVA calibration for AS setup at small institutions

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I am a lone arranger and probably worse off than you in the IT department. I was successful in installing and making AS work on my laptop way back when it was first released to the public, but the many upgrades finally did me in and I opted to have my instance hosted at LibraryHost, which is not too expensive and has worked out well for me. Perhaps you should consider such an arrangement with them or Lyrasis and possibly there are others who provide the service. I am finding it to  be time consuming enough just to enter data into my hosted instance-I would never get anywhere if I were also responsible for the technical stuff :)

Karen Horton, CA, Archivist
Archdiocese of Mobile

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Hello All-

So I am at a very small community college and trying to set AS set up. In seeking the support of my IT department where has been much protest (rending of shirts, pulling of hair) at the amount of JAVA knowledge required to calibrate AS into production mode. We don't have a JAVA specialist  and I don't have the skillset, but I can't imagine this is a unique sitch. What are other small institutions with minimal tech supprt doing to run AS for production? Learning to code in JAVA? Does AS fly well enough without the tweaks in calibration?

Odette Allen
TCC Archive, Building 7

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