[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Manage Top Containers - searchable by resource identifier ?

Kottman, Miloche mkottman at ku.edu
Mon Apr 24 17:28:01 EDT 2017


We are able to use the “Resource” search on the Manage Top Containers page to find records without any issues (version 1.5.2).  We use the identifier when performing the search because it’s easier/shorter to type.  The search results in the typeahead display the title of the resource record so we do have to know both elements to actually retrieve something.  For example:

[cid:image001.png at 01D2BD16.48C843E0]

The identifier for Correspondence of Francis Pierce Fitzwilliam is RH MS 12 so ArchivesSpace brought up the correct result, you just have to know the title to recognize it.

As for Accession records, since similar titles can be challenging in the related accession/related resource fields in addition to the search results in the Top Container search, we include the date of the addition as part of the title.  For example:  Nicodemus – (Addition 2016-06-01) so that we can tell accruals apart.

Hope this helps,


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We're in the processing of migrating from Archivists Toolkit to ArchivesSpace and have pretty nearly worked out the kinks.  However, I haven't figured out any way to set up the Manage Top Containers search or results so that they include the accession/resource Identifier. Using the full Identifier in either the Keywords or Accession/Resource fields in the Top Containers search yields no results. And when I search an accession by title, I can't tell the difference between accruals of related materials in the search results, as there is no column for the Identifier. The default settings for Browse>Resources also do not include the Identifier, but these can be modified in the User Preference Defaults menu. I couldn't find a similar option for Top Containers.  Has anyone else run into this problem? Any solutions?

Lynn Moulton
Processing Archivist
Burns Library
Boston College
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