[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Preferred Citation edits sometimes fail to save

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Thank you! I missed this when searching the bugs, and it looks like it's the source of our problems.  You've saved us a lot of headache!


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Is it possible that what you've noticed is related to this ticket?:


This bug affects editing of any note type, and it's particularly problematic.  I believe that we've just alerted staff not to use the "Delete" key because of this when editing notes, but that's not a great solution.


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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Preferred Citation edits sometimes fail to save

Good afternoon,

We are running version 1.4.2, and we've just started our post-EAD import resource record cleanup.  We've noticed a problem where our edits sometimes fail to save in one specific field-the Preferred Citation Note.  We're editing titles. We make an edit in the Resource Record's title field, then make the same edit in the finding aid title field, and then in the Preferred Citation Field in the Notes section.  Then we save the record.  Sometimes, our change in the Preferred Citation field actually saves, but sometimes we check after saving and find that the text in that field has reverted back to its pre-edited state.  We aren't sure if there is a specific sequence of steps that triggers the problem--it seems to be random. Once we see that our edit has been lost, we try to re-edit and save again-sometimes it works on the second save, once I had to try four times to get the edit I made to stick.

Has anyone else had this problem or can suggest a possible cause/fix?  It's not a huge issue, but it is slowing down our cleanup work, and if it's not isolated to this field, it could cause failed saving of more important notes, like the scope and content note, which would be a big problem.

Thank you,

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