[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Linking to digital objects in AS

Stephen Innes s.innes at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Sep 21 17:37:12 EDT 2016

I have some general questions for the community relating to linking digital archival objects from ArchivesSpace. Although we have substantial digital content we have not yet linked this to EAD metadata and would like feedback from others before our digital development team commit further time to the project. We have spent considerable time adapting stylesheets to present resources through HTML finding aids, but linking to digital objects from AS is new to us.
Are members using links in published finding aids to deliver digital resources, either through an HTML version or the PDF generated from within AS? Or are your digital archival resources separately discovered and linked to?
A specific question we have is: if you link from EAD records, do you link to a repository record with multiple files, or directly to multiple files?
Please reply to the list or directly to me if that's easier.
Thank you,

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