[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Does anyone have a mapping between ATK and ArchivesSpace permissions?

McPhee, Laurel lmcphee at ucsd.edu
Wed Sep 21 10:12:54 EDT 2016

Hi Kari,

We were also happy with the former permissions structure in ATK, but ended up following Yale's good advice on how to create much more granular user groups that give us the ability to assign permissions at a very detailed level (I think Maureen Callahan originally posted this guidance to the listserv some months ago). I've attached the grid that we adopted here, and it's worked very well to phase in permissions in sync with trainings. Most users belong to multiple groups and it gives us a lot of control.

This doesn't directly answer your question, but I hope is helpful.


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We're at the stage of assigning permissions in AS to our users and are using the basis for what they had in ATK for our starting point.  They don't seem to map very directly and we are hoping someone has already done this work and will be willing to share your mapping with us.

We didn't make any modifications to the permission groups in ATK.

Alternatively, is there a place in ArchivesSpace where we can set the permission actions for each group?  In ATK there was the page where you could pick and choose any feature to be allowed or disallowed for a particular group.  We haven't seen that option in AS - would someone point us to that location?


Kari R. Smith
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