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Kari R Smith smithkr at mit.edu
Thu Sep 15 14:23:41 EDT 2016

This will impact any of the FMP databases we need to access including (and importantly) the mcac-locator database.  Would someone please contact Tim and ask him to "put a copy of XXX (must provide him with the database file name) database on the new server if you want to verify functionality"   Esp. in migrating our data in the FMP to the newest database FMP ver 15.

We also use many other databases for our work ... each of these should also be tested prior to the complete move to the new server (and necessary data version migration/transformation.)  I will be out of town from Sept 23 - Oct 1st.


Kari R. Smith
Digital Archivist, Institute Archives and Special Collections
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries
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From: Tim Rix
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2016 2:16 PM
To: all-lib <all-lib at mit.edu>
Subject: FileMaker Server Migration

Good afternoon,

As part of the infrastructure changes previously announced, the FileMaker server also needs to move.  This change will involve installing a new version of FileMaker on your desktop and pointing it to the new FileMaker server.  FileMaker has increased security in their product and older versions of the software can have issues when accessing databases on the newest version of FileMaker server.  The database format has not changed so the database files do not need a format migration, only to be moved to the new server.  Authentication methods are stored in the individual databases and will remain unchanged as well.  This change affects both Mac and Windows users of FileMaker databases.

In preparation for this change, staff should install FileMaker Pro version 15 so they are ready for this change.  Below are instructions for installing FileMaker 15 for both Mac and Windows.

*        Windows users should go to Start and type Install Software and hit Enter.  Locate FileMaker Pro 15 in the list, select it and hit Install.

*        Mac users should open Finder, go to Apps and double-click Self Service.  Locate FileMaker 15 in Lib-Apps and double-click to install.

*        Server connection instructions for all users are located at:  https://wikis.mit.edu/confluence/x/kIluAw

*        Email fix-lib at mit.edu<mailto:fix-lib at mit.edu> if you need installation or configuration assistance for FileMaker Pro 15

All databases are scheduled to move to the new server overnight on Wednesday, September 25, 2016.  I can put a copy of any database on the new server if you want to verify functionality before this date if you contact me.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Tim Rix
Systems Administrator | Bldg E25-131
MIT Libraries
email: ter at mit.edu<mailto:ter at mit.edu>
phone: (617) 258-5009

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