[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Editing/bulk editing locations and top containers

Tang, Lydia ltang5 at mail.lib.msu.edu
Wed Sep 14 11:20:21 EDT 2016

Hello everyone,
I have been enjoying exploring the new capabilities with version 1.5.1, but I have a few comments/concerns.
Is it possible to edit/bulk edit the titles of Top Containers?  As you see in the screen shot attached, the title is “Box 1: Series Series 1”.  Obviously I would like to fix this, but when I click on edit, I am not able to edit the title portion at all and otherwise I am not sure where it needs to be fixed elsewhere.  Additionally, when I am in the edit screen, I would like to be able to navigate back to the collection I was working on, but upper menu panel only has links for Top Containers or options to search again for the collection.  If it’s possible to return back to where I was, that would save a lot of time.
Additionally, I was playing around with the bulk location feature.  We have stacks which alternate A and B, so 1A and 1B, 2A 2B, etc.  Naïvely/carelessly I tried to create bulk locations for the whole area.  Over 6000 shelves were generated, all going from 1A-1G (at least).  Now I understand the merits of creating bulk locations range by range for these less standard naming styles, but in the meantime, I wish there was a way to batch edit the location information.  I can highlight several entries (in my case, it would be great to have a “select all” check box for the whole list on a page) and select “edit batch” but the fields that some up aren’t what I need to accomplish (primarily, to fix the range title).  Also, strangely, I can’t seem to make screen shots of the Location pages.
A final concern (for now), is that I wish the top containers could more easily be applied to nested instances.  For example, if I have a box with 50 folders in it, I wish there was a quicker way to link them all together under that Top Container.  It seems like each archival object has to be opened and manually linked to the Top Container.  This will be a lot of work and time reconciling even not-so-distant legacy descriptions and I wish there might be a way to more quickly select multiple archival objects to be merged under the Top Container.
Thanks for your consideration,


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