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Tummino, Annie atummino at sunymaritime.edu
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Hi Allen,
We just started using LibraryHost a couple of months ago and it is working out great so far. I sent this same query to the SAA Lone Arrangers list and only got positive feedback about LibraryHost, which made me confident about moving forward. They also offer a free trial which is nice.

Because we have no EAD files to begin with, we are starting with a  relatively clean slate, so we didn’t need assistance with migration. Generally speaking, I am sure starting from scratch is a lot easier than what large institutions are confronting.

I’ll note that the LibraryHost expert on ASpace is currently on maternity leave, so they are not able to do a training until she returns, but we are moving forward with branding in her absence. I have found that for our needs, I’ve been getting along just fine using the ASpace help center documentation, and it’s not really been a problem that we had to put off the training. We are creating a user guide which I’d be happy to share with you.

Hope this helps,

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Hi All,

Forgive me if this has been brought up before and is a dead-horse topic, but as someone who is just beginning to implement ArchivesSpace, what are the advantages/disadvantages of LibraryHost as compared to Atlas and LYRASIS? As we are a small institution their lower price points are attractive, but I'm wondering if that is because certain necessary services/aspects aren't being offered.

Thanks so much in advance for weighing in.


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