[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Indexing issue - Solr data directory and default storage configuration?

Sally Vermaaten sally.vermaaten at nyu.edu
Wed Oct 5 15:47:28 EDT 2016


We have a problem where some edits to records are saving but don't appear
to be updating in the index - e.g. you can see the correct info when
looking at the particular record but not in the summary info about a record
in a browse list.

In troubleshooting this problem, we noticed in the ArchivesSpace config
there is an option to set up a Solr data storage directory. However you
aren't forced to do so. If the Solr data storage directory isn't explicitly
set up, it looks like Solr tries to put data to config directory in
$SOLR_HOME/[core name]/config. Here is the relevant code block:

If the config directory is not writable or doesn't exist (e.g. we don't
seem to have a SOLR_HOME directory by default) Solr sends a "cannot write
to config directory ... switching to InMemory storage instead" warning
(discussed in an earlier listserv thread
and then put data into memory.

Does anyone know if this (storage InMemory) is desired behavior (e.g. for
performance reasons)? Or is this an error in the default Solr config?

Thank you!

Sally Vermaaten
Project Manager, Archival Systems
New York University Libraries
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