[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Community review of Rights Management Enhancements specification

Max Eckard eckardm at umich.edu
Mon Oct 3 14:49:19 EDT 2016

Good morning ArchivesSpace community,

You may already be aware that representatives from the ArchivesSpace
membership, the ArchivesSpace program team and Artefactual, Inc. have been
working on a specification for enhancing the rights module in

The primary aim of this specification is to enable the expression of
standards-based rights statements that are atomic and actionable and that
support data transfers with other applications using rights statements,
such as Archivematica.

We have completed a draft specification, and are now asking for community
review and feedback.

The attached packet includes:

   - a summary of the enhancements requested in the specification and their
   - a spreadsheet containing:
   - 1) the data model being proposed for the rights management module in
      - 2) the data migrations necessary for moving data in the current
      data model to the new data model,
      - 3) a chart indicating the data elements to be migrated from
      Archivematica to ArchivesSpace, and
      - 4) a data map illustrating how PREMIS rights elements are supported
      in Archivematica and ArchivesSpace; and
      - ten wire frames illustrating how the proposed data model should be
   reflected in the ArchivesSpace staff interface.

If you need some orientation to the way that PREMIS Rights Statements are
used (regardless of whether these are authored in ArchivesSpace), see the
attached PDF.

Please take a look. Brad Westbrook (brad.westbrook at lyrasis.org), Hillel
Arnold (harnold at rockarch.org) and/or myself (eckardm at umich.edu) are happy
to answer any questions that you may have and to receive feedback on the
specification by *Friday, October 21, 2016*.
Max Eckard

*Max Eckard*
*Assistant Archivist for Digital Curation*

Bentley Historical Library
1150 Beal Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2113
(734) 763-7518
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