[Archivesspace_Users_Group] submitting testing feedback for ArchivesSpace release candidate - v1.5.2-RC-1

Christine Di Bella christine.dibella at lyrasis.org
Wed Nov 30 09:09:00 EST 2016

Hello all,

We've gotten some questions about how to submit feedback when testing the release candidate. Thanks for your enthusiasm! There are two ways to let us know the results of your testing:

*         If you have a JIRA account, put a comment on the relevant JIRA issue for the bug fix or feature. (If you don't already have a JIRA account, you can sign up directly from http://development.archivesspace.org by choosing the Create an account option on the login page.)

*         If you have feedback that spans issues, or if you'd prefer not to work in JIRA, email it directly to me.

As my previous message indicated, the plan is to have the release come out on December 8. So if you're testing, the more quickly you submit feedback, the more likely we will be able to address it this time around. If at all possible, submit your feedback no later than Friday, December 2.

It's probably obvious, but what we can address right now is limited to making sure the bug fixes and additional features in this release are working as they should and not impacting other functions unintentionally. You may send us comments and ideas on anything at any time, of course, but, as you would expect, we won't be able to undertake work outside these areas in the narrow window before this release is out the door, so to speak.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Thanks for your help!


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Subject: ArchivesSpace release candidate available - v1.5.2-RC-1

Dear ArchivesSpace members,

We are pleased to announce that a release candidate - v1.5.2-RC-1 (https://github.com/archivesspace/archivesspace/releases/tag/v1.5.2-RC1) - is now available for download and testing purposes. This release candidate includes some high priority bug fixes, as well as improvements to overall performance and automated testing suite reliability. It features significant work from our development partner, Hudson Molonglo (HM), as well as contributions from community members.

Please try out this release candidate as you are able over the next few days and let us know if you experience any problems. Please note that due to some work to improve searching a full reindex will be performed if you migrate data. If you don't wish to download anything at this time, you can still test drive the release candidate on our test site, http://test.archivesspace.org, using the standard administrative login. Barring unforeseen issues, we expect the production release to come out on December 8.

Thanks to HM for all their work on this release candidate, to our community members that contributed or sponsored code, and to those on the Prioritization and Testing sub-teams who identified and tested the needed bug fixes. If you have any questions, or if you notice any issues while testing, please let us know.


Christine Di Bella
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