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Runyon, Carolyn Carolyn-Runyon at utc.edu
Tue Nov 15 14:46:25 EST 2016

We have noticed this as well. In fact, one of our resource records is large enough that it won’t open on the staff interface at all.

Carolyn Runyon
Assistant Head of Collection Services and Director of Special Collections
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Library
615 McCallie Ave., Chattanooga, TN  37403
Carolyn-Runyon at utc.edu<mailto:Carolyn-Runyon at utc.edu>, (423) 425-4503
Dept. 6456, LIB 439D

On Nov 15, 2016, at 2:37 PM, Sally Vermaaten <sally.vermaaten at nyu.edu<mailto:sally.vermaaten at nyu.edu>> wrote:

Hi everyone,

We're running into an issue with a large resource record in ArchivesSpace and wonder if anyone has experienced a similar issue. In one resource record, we have a series/archival object with around 19,000 direct children/archival objects. We've found that:

  *   it takes several minutes to open the series in the 'tree' navigation view and then, once opened scrolling through series is very slow / laggy
  *   it takes a couple of minutes to open any archival object in the series in edit mode and
  *   it takes a couple of minutes to save changes to any archival object within the series

Does anyone else have a similarly large archival object in a resource record? If so, have you observed the same long load/save time when editing the component records?

The slow load time does not seem to be affected by memory allocation; we've tried increasing the speed / size of the server and it seemed to have no effect. We'd definitely appreciate any other suggestions for how we might fix or work around the problem.

We also wonder if this performance issue is essentially caused by the queries being run to generate the UI view - i.e. perhaps in generating the resource 'tree' view, all data for the whole series (all 19k archival objects) is being retrieved and stored in memory? If so, we wondered if it would be possible and would make sense to change the queries running during tree generation, etc. to only retrieve some batches at a time, lazy loading style?

Weatherly and Sally

Sally Vermaaten
Project Manager, Archival Systems
New York University Libraries

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