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I regret that I didn't include at least one search example with the previous announcement.  Since today's the first day of the 2016 World Chess Championship, here's a timely one:


I'll also come back to this example later on in one of the introductory videos, since I think it might be a good case to explain how the new archival inheritance feature will work once it's implemented (see https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/AR-1300).

All my best,


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Dear ArchivesSpace colleagues:

I am writing to provide an update about the development of the new ArchivesSpace Public Interface.  As a reminder, here is the release timeline that we drafted and shared earlier in the year:

*         candidate release, 12/16/2016

*         official testing period, 12/19/2016 - 2/28/2017

*         official release, 3/31/2017

We're still on track to have everything done in time for an official release in March, but it's likely that we will push that candidate release date back a few weeks. Since we haven't changed the date yet I don't have a new date to share at this time, but if we do push the date back it will probably be postponed to January.

In the meantime, I also wanted to share a link with everyone to a working version of the new public interface so that you could see things in action before everything is finished.  You can access that website here:

(and thanks to Hudson Molonglo for hosting this site for us during the development process!!!)

Please note that this site is still a work in progress. You might stumble across bugs, and it's possible that some features could stop working from one day to the next.  Also, not all features have been added (e.g. "Record Group" / Classification pages) or fully implemented yet (e.g. the "Collection organization" navigation sidebar).  In any event, this site will provide a more interactive way to explore the development process before the design has been finished.  In the coming weeks, we will also create a few introductory videos for the new PUI that will focus on and explain a few of the new, exciting features.

You can also follow along with the development process at the ArchivesSpace PUI wiki: https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/display/ADC/Public+Interface+Enhancement+Project<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__archivesspace.atlassian.net_wiki_display_ADC_Public-26-2343-3BInterface-26-2343-3BEnhancement-26-2343-3BProject&d=CwMFAg&c=-dg2m7zWuuDZ0MUcV7Sdqw&r=s7ciGQfUJeaV_ryx908hbeXDoU9aqDwDN0Z0VbfsJ3Y&m=EVhE7hGgEiFUwEqMCd6wOUjBAjB-m9qD3KnMCwCnzGk&s=9J-sJPfocPm1WF4QSm9MvnLFX4jAWKWwRSNMGBqB5jc&e=>

More news soon,

Mark Custer
On behalf of the ArchivesSpace Public Interface development group.

*         James Bullen, Hudson Molonglo

*         Mark Cooper, LYRASIS

*         Mark Custer, Yale University

*         Bobbi Fox, Harvard University

*         Payten Giles, Hudson Molonglo

*         Brian Hoffman, Consultant

*         Susan Pyzynski, Harvard University

*         Mark Triggs, Hudson Molonglo

*         Brad Westbrook, ArchivesSpace

*         Melissa Wisner, Yale University

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