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Christine Di Bella christine.dibella at lyrasis.org
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Hi Valerie,

If I understand you to be saying that you first enabled Yale's container management plugin in a 1.4.2 installation and then migrated your data from AT using the migration tool, I suspect yours is a path that very few institutions have trod, so there may not be much advice available. If you follow a different sequence, i.e. migrate your data first, then enable the container management plugin (which would then convert your container data), do you see any differences? Is it more successful that way?


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Greetings. I am looking for assistance regarding the attached error log for an AT to AS migration into 1.4.2 with the container management plugin installed. I have also attached a view of the settings I used on the migrator. I have run a number of tests, but these errors are new and so I'm trying to track down why. It is owed in part, I must assume, to the fact that we've never migrated into a test instance with the container plugin already installed. My errors and questions can be summed up:

1.       The migrator does not seem to have copied any resources records whatsoever, and while the log shows errors associated with resources, they are all Status: 200, which I understood to mean the record should still have saved. The most frequent error is this one:
"errors": ["Server error: Problem creating 'M. Gordon Wolman papers': Java::ComMysqlJdbcExceptionsJdbc4::MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'archivesspace.rights_restriction' doesn't exist"],
  "saved": []

Quick background: before migrating, I took the opportunity to run some SQL statements against AT to do some cleaning and tuning. One such statement was this one, intended to trigger the checkbox for Restrictions Apply:

UPDATE archiviststoolkit.ResourcesComponents
SET restrictionsApply = 1
WHERE title LIKE '%restricted%';

Since this error is new, I'm now wondering if I did something catastrophic with that statement, but, that statement only affected 275 records, and this error appears 1014 times.

2.       I am missing accessions, but am unsure why. It seems unrelated to other accession errors (the quantities don't match).

3.       A number of accessions kicked up the error "Linked Accession Not Found:", and of course they are there in AT.Is this because no resources copied?

4.       There is a frequent error that I assume is associated with the container plugin, but I don't know how to fix, or (more importantly) whether or not it is preventing my accessions from migrating: <div id="info">
<p>(NoMethodError) undefined method `repo_id&#x27; for #<TopContainer @values={}></p>

Thank you for any assistance!


Valerie Addonizio
The Sheridan Libraries
Johns Hopkins University
vaddoniz at jhu.edu<mailto:vaddoniz at jhu.edu>

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