[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Assistance with error log

Valerie Addonizio vaddoniz at jhu.edu
Thu May 12 20:51:05 EDT 2016

Greetings. I am looking for assistance regarding the attached error log for an AT to AS migration into 1.4.2 with the container management plugin installed. I have also attached a view of the settings I used on the migrator. I have run a number of tests, but these errors are new and so I'm trying to track down why. It is owed in part, I must assume, to the fact that we've never migrated into a test instance with the container plugin already installed. My errors and questions can be summed up:

1.       The migrator does not seem to have copied any resources records whatsoever, and while the log shows errors associated with resources, they are all Status: 200, which I understood to mean the record should still have saved. The most frequent error is this one:
"errors": ["Server error: Problem creating 'M. Gordon Wolman papers': Java::ComMysqlJdbcExceptionsJdbc4::MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'archivesspace.rights_restriction' doesn't exist"],
  "saved": []

Quick background: before migrating, I took the opportunity to run some SQL statements against AT to do some cleaning and tuning. One such statement was this one, intended to trigger the checkbox for Restrictions Apply:

UPDATE archiviststoolkit.ResourcesComponents
SET restrictionsApply = 1
WHERE title LIKE '%restricted%';

Since this error is new, I'm now wondering if I did something catastrophic with that statement, but, that statement only affected 275 records, and this error appears 1014 times.

2.       I am missing accessions, but am unsure why. It seems unrelated to other accession errors (the quantities don't match).

3.       A number of accessions kicked up the error "Linked Accession Not Found:", and of course they are there in AT.Is this because no resources copied?

4.       There is a frequent error that I assume is associated with the container plugin, but I don't know how to fix, or (more importantly) whether or not it is preventing my accessions from migrating: <div id="info">
<p>(NoMethodError) undefined method `repo_id&#x27; for #<TopContainer @values={}></p>

Thank you for any assistance!


Valerie Addonizio
The Sheridan Libraries
Johns Hopkins University
vaddoniz at jhu.edu

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