[Archivesspace_Users_Group] ArchivesSpace codebase repository setup

Alexander Duryee alexanderduryee at nypl.org
Fri Mar 11 14:08:25 EST 2016

We're undertaking local feature development for ArchivesSpace (ranging from
EAD/MARC export tweaking to database migrations and corresponding UI
updates); as such, we're setting up code repositories for our local
codebase.  Given that the ASpace application doesn't map cleanly to the
source repo, it's not immediately clear what the best setup for a code
repository will be.

How has the list set up their local code repositories?  Right now, there
seem to be a few options for us:

- fork the main ASpace repository, work there, and deploy a full copy of
the repo into /plugins/local/ (losing migration/config source control)
- set up a repo that contains the ASpace application, work in plugins/ (and
migrations/ and config/ when needed), and deploy the entire application at
- set up a repo of just /plugins/, work there, and deploy that (losing
config/migration source control)

We're leaning towards the second option (if only to keep configs/migrations
under source control), but none of these implementations feels
satisfactory.  Are there other methods of maintaining source control for
ArchivesSpace code/config that the list is using?


Alexander Duryee
Metadata Archivist
New York Public Library
alexanderduryee at nypl.org
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