[Archivesspace_Users_Group] unpublished resource showing up as PDF download in a Google search

Amanda Focke afocke at rice.edu
Tue Jun 14 17:29:46 EDT 2016

Hello --

We have an *unpublished* Resource in our ArchivesSpace instance which is 
showing up
when I search a text string from it in Google.

I search a text string from that resource and I get a hit (in Google) 
coming from our ArchivesSpace offering a "printer friendly download" of 
the full PDF for the Resource.

I double checked the Resource, it is definitely "unpublished" at the top 
level, although it has components which are marked as published (I'm not 
sure why those are published but it shouldn't matter if the parent is 

Has anyone noticed this behavior?

*Amanda Focke, CA, DAS*
Asst. Head of Special Collections
Woodson Research Center
Fondren Library MS-44
Rice University
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005
713-348-2124 | afocke at rice.edu
Website: http://library.rice.edu/woodson
Blog: http://woodsononline.wordpress.com/
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